Moto Kustom Briezh


Moto Kustom Briezh

and a few days in Normandy and Brittany

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Friday and the route over and American 

Cemetary and Gold Beach

Saturday and the trip before and after the show

including Dinan

The Show Sunday and Home Via Mont Saint Michel
Many thanks to Paul at

for Accommodation and being a guide

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Short Video Clip of a Singer at a music fest

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n. pl. ser·en·dip·i·ties

1. The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.

2. The fact or occurrence of such discoveries.

3. An instance of making such a discovery.


It’s a good word is Serendipity, not a word I would use in everyday conversation, and not one I think I have ever used but sums up how I ended up attending this weekend event in France well.

To start this tale let me take you back in time to the dark cold days of winter when dreams of summer rides are born, and me and a few mates decided on a summer trip to France, sadly bit by bit the plan collapsed and so there I was with an urge for foreign travel and no where or no one to with.

And this is where the serendipitous part comes in as Blue heard of a show in Brittany and asked if I would like to cover it, getting time off from work approved I was all sorted, Ross the organiser even volunteered free accommodation (just bring tent), this was all falling into place. Then a communiqué from Paul Minton (UK MAG member who runs biking weekends in Normandy and Brittany ) informing Blue about the same event found me offered a room for the weekend Result.

My manager I found also has a house nearby in France and so helped in securing the most cost effective Channel crossing the plan was finally together and so on almost the longest day with a promise of a scorching hot weekend  I was found very early in the morning at Portsmouth awaiting the ferry to Caen. Ok still travelling alone, but now with a destination

But it doesn’t take long before you are not travelling alone as I met Bones and his mate from Berkshire and Rich, Steve and friends from Hampshire.

A short cruise later and we are in France and sunburnt, and I have lost my bike keys and alarm fob, and my indicators are on the blink ah normality has returned, Luckily you can start my bike by use of a secret code and on the umpteenth attempt and being stranded outside a military cemetery for an hour (think the keys had long gone down the motorway), I find Paul’s place in a picturesque area of France. To say it’s a warm welcome is an understatement and I was soon enjoying one of their legendary meals. Saturday morning and the memory of the last night’s calvados were still strong.

Luckily time in France is unique, nothing happens when it should, well apart from guaranteed lunchtimes, when France stops and so a relaxed start was fine. Here I must say a huge thank you to Paul for volunteering to guide me around for the weekend, it really was very kind.

Its incredible, how just a few miles from English soil, you can be in a world that is so different and not just down to language and riding style.

The Motor Kustom Briezh takes place over two days in two large areas of the town of Dinard in Brittany . A picturesque tourist destination on Brittany ’s emerald coast, where once it attracted the wealthy visitors from England , and now for one weekend it hosts a custom motorcycle show set over two venues.

It was obvious how much work Ross (an unfeasibly tall Scot expat) and Rico and their team had put into this event.

At the beach side (Port Breton) there was plenty of room to park up, and a huge picturesque park with a large manor house overlooking it. With lots of stalls and a stage set up it was an impressive venue this was also a free event for the Local public. The French’s insatiable fondness for all things western was supported by several stalls, and there were plenty selling pointy objects which Blue would have loved.

There was also a display of slow riding by a stunt rider.

At two the line dancing started, and so we wandered off but at least it wasn’t Breton Dancing.

The main camping site (the village) was set in a sports complex, with lush grass to camp on, and so I was told excellent facilities, for a rally it was excellent the price for the whole weekend was also very reasonable at €15 which also included the secure parking with the current poor exchange rate many things are no longer cheap on the continent (certainly true of the beer) but this is great value for so much going on .

With great weather though it seems most had used the rally as a base for exploring the local area which there is lots to explore, one group of Irish riders had been exploring the Normandy beaches, on the 65th anniversary of D Day and a German rider I spoke too used it as an overnight stop.

Here at the Village one large hall had a few other stalls, custom builders  and a selection of Indians, including a glorious drag racing Indian complete with Rudge Four Valve Heads which when they did a burn out smoked every one out.

The food tents had many French delicacies and a nice lunch was found.

There was an impressive music set up, in the main sports hall with six bands over the weekend. Due to the distance of my accommodation from the venue I did not hear them, but those on site said they were good along with an impressive bar they very much started in French relaxed time.

 Bones reports the evening ride out (Parade de Nations) all of a sudden found all the riders from the local area joining in but was a really good ride around the surrounding area.

It was a 10 minute walk between the village and the port and well sign posted between the two.

On the Sunday unfortunately many of the rally goers and myself had to head back for the ferries, which sadly did not give us time to see the blessing of the bikes on the beach and the main custom bike show held once again in the park.

The organisation which went into the show was great and the setting and the area could not be better, all I spoke too on the ferry on the way home would certainly consider returning.

I really do hope this show which promises to be something very special grows from strength to strength.

It’s only a short hop on a ferry (though the St Malo ferry times could be better suited).

Thanks to all for a great weekend

Keep watching the events pages for when the show is next on, and set yourself up for a mini cruise and adventure.