Medussas "show us your ride

10th May, Bluebell Hill Kent

a good show,

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It seems at the moment I am doing a lot of travelling to Kent for events, which has made me wonder about quaint English traditions like how do you know if you are a  man of Kent or a Kentish Man? A description which has always confused, and its all to do with the River Medway and on which side you stand, it seems that a Man of Kent comes from the area to the east of the River Medway and a Kentish Man comes from the west of the river. But as I live in Surrey neither of these apply though I do drink gallons on Kentish ale, and have no idea where the river Medway is. Also today I was off to see various Maidens from Kent or is that Kentish Maids?

The Medusas are a female motorcycle club, who always give the friendliest of welcomes (even towards the end of the day they would not stop smiling), and this was their first solo running of this event.

Medusa is not a million miles away from Medway in my boy’s book of facts, so for those which may not know, Medusa was a Gorgon, a protectress and guardian in Greek mythology who for anyone gazing upon her would be turned to stone. And she was eventually beheaded by Perseus. This image of her head is now used as a symbol for protection in many societies. Though I am not sure if the image was chosen due the protection value or the connotations with a certain fashion chain, though whether any club members wear designer clothing I did not ask.

 I do not think that Medusa was ever matched with any of the weather gods, but once again the show was blessed with sunshine, and soon the larger than last year but still as dusty car park was overflowing and bikes were parked all along the road and any vacant space was taken by two or three wheel transport.

With the pub at the top end of the suite, with a large bank to relax on while listening to the band (who did a great job, despite being a relatively new band)


The show was strongly supported by many local, and not so local clubs, and best turn out went to The Renegades, who were all presented in a Jim’ll fix it (showing my age here) style with medallions.

At the end of the show all the winning bikes came to the top of the site for the presentations which was easier than looking around a packed car park for rossettes . The monster trikes owned by the SLUTS (South London Uncommitted Trikers) which won some prizes though had to stay where they were parked as I think with the car park as full as it was nudging one bike would have created a huge domino effect of twisted metal. There are plans already afoot for a new venue for 2010.


This was my second visit to this event, and it is already one I am looking forward too next year, I do hope a new venue (which sadly it does need due to parking issues) does not lose some of its special charm do look out for it in Early May next year.


Presentations over it was back to my faithfull steed, and with Pegasus like speed (Pegasus was born from Medusa when her head was removed) I headed towards Essex (yes I know I live in surrey, but it seemed a good idea)