Popham Megameet




August 23rd 



Well even a muzzy head from a 60th party the night before wouldn’t stop me from this event

The sun was up, the sky was blue and I was officially leading, I know poor fools.

Not only that but after Jane’s first tentative steps at going Pillion the day before my girl was coming on her first official ride out

So at slightly after silly o clock I was pushing Milly out of the garage, juggling my usual mountain of junk to a smaller amount and heading to pick up Jane.

By departure time there were only 4 Rejects and 3 Bikes, so a leisurely ride through the nice roads and the edge of Basingstoke found us in Popham airfield.

It was heaving, bikes everywhere, and Jane was still smiling even after a slightly longer trip, result.

It’s amazing how fast you can lose the others, though we did spot them a couple of times

We did however meet many other friends, while nosing around rusty lumps of metal

There were also some great old planes, including the largest single engine biplane.

An ice-cream, old planes and bikes you cannot beat that as a way to spend a few hours

After a leisurely stroll through the bike park, as ever as good as the show

A gentle bimble home, now on our own, despite not a huge mileage, I ached a little

But sooo looking forward to Jane heading out on bike again soon

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