Wings and Wheels


Wings and Wheels


August 30th Dunsfold

Jane found the details for this one

At Dunsfold Airfield near Guildford an event that included Aviation and motoring.

Unfortunately the low cloud hampered a few of the aviation displays

And some of the aircraft displays had to cancel, though there were enough vehicles and aircraft to keep the huge crowd happy.

Both the Typhoon and the Vulcan shook the eardrums of all as they passed

The Vulcan XH558 is the last flying of the Avro Vulcans.

The Typhoon is the latest Eurofighter.

Against these, looking just like Gnats were the pioneer aircraft of WW1 which looked tiny but put on a great show.

The cars ranged from the very modern, to lovely old racing Bentleys from the 1920ís and some quirky aero engined cars

I have tried to split down the photographs into several slideshows to help break down the show sizes, the car section is still quite big.


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