Altered Iron September 18th 2010

Held at the Star Leatherhead

A great day, even if I did get a parking ticket


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Now can life be any better a glorious late summer day, and a bike show so close to home that I could almost walk, but then if we were meant to walk why would we have such wonderful tools as motorcycles in our garages, and of course we would be reading “Back Street Hikers” as our monthly periodical.

On arrival some clever salesmanship soon relieved me of a small piece of paper with a picture of Elizabeth Fry and the Queen on for a stamp on my hand and a strip of raffle tickets.

A relaxed start to the day was soon disturbed as lots of our favourite form of transport arrived. And the best thing about a NCC soiree (well we are in Surrey) is the diversity of machinery that is attracted to these events.

Brits nestle next to UJM’s and big v twins, show bikes next to usable street customs. This sort of show also brings NCC members from all over, and it has to be said the group who arrived from Dorset brought some of the most unusual bikes with Twizzles cone tanked bike and a very 1970’s Ogri style bike in the flamed CBX. For those that have followed Ogri from the early days may recognise the style from Paul Samples early sketches of our anti hero and Malcoms attempts at looking cool.

One of my favourite bikes though was the “uncle bunt “ style Triumph which came in steaming and smoldering, not unlike my ownership of triumph twins back in the 1980’s. Apparently it has been stored for around 18 years until the current owner purchased it and the patina on the alloy and paintwork seemed to match this tale, thankfully he has no plans to adapt this lovely bike.

But there were also some new and shiney customs one sportster reminiscent of the Whitby 77 style fantastic engineering though

It was great to catch up with several friends who i haven’t seen this year as well, the band played a good set as well,  with a goodly mix that made the wandering go well.

A great way to pass an afternoon

I missed the presentations and the raffle as I had to run into town, and got a parking ticket as well, so that left me a bit downhearted and I headed home.

But a show like todays is more about the camaraderie and inspiration for future projects , well for those that can wield a spanner and a great way to mark the end of summer