Musos on bikes


Musos on bikes

15th May 

Lovely show down in Horsham run by Musos on Bikes 


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This was the first bike show for Musos on bikes (Musos being a collection of performing musicians who ride bikes) and pleasantly close to home.

Now there are only a few simple rules to remember in the life of an amateur snapper and scribe for an illustrious magazine such as Back Street Heroes, and all of this information was passed to me by he who shall be known as “Yoda” while eating pizza in the back of beyond. Oh if only I had remembered them this weekend.

I had noted this event in the faithful diary, even put on the kitchen calendar with a big cross, and mentioned to lots of friends. It was even in the opening pages of BSH just the month before. The night before though my Fiancée had given me a night off from wedding planning and I ended up on a silly late night with an old friend I haven’t seen in years and far too many ales were quaffed.

Thus rule number one was broken as I crawled out of my bed with a thick head. But we were greeted by sunshine a welcome change to the previous weekends.

Once the coffee and fry-up had kicked in we headed out on my trusty steed through the glorious surrey spring sunshine and were soon pulling into the bike park and squeezed into a space. And a very warm welcome by Musos members with such quality nicknames as “Tub-thumper” and “Frontman” and many members from local clubs, some of which I had met at another local show (sadly cold and wet)the  weekend before.

That’s one of the best things about this type of show, the standing around in the sunshine just chatting to random groups of folk, the bikes may draw us to the events but to me it’s the characters you meet who make it. And then I met another couple of old friends which was great.

The bike show was steadily filling up with an eclectic mix of bikes, rats, highbars, low bars, bobbers, classics, baggers, still some fat tyres and some old favourites like the gorgeous triumph. With a few nice new trikes as well, a tidy Harley and a hoofing great was a great mix.

Personal favourites; the little black triumph with the sportster tank in the car park, the Harley Trike in the show and the little green Villiers also in the car park.

 It was then I broke rule number two, get organised prior to the event, as I realised the batteries for the camera were low and I had no spares, so it was wing and a prayer time but thankfully the god of Nikon loves me.

But with such a relaxed show, and friendly and welcoming public house I forgot all worries and spent a pleasant hour or so until wave two of a delayed action hangover hit which even a burger and coffee  couldn’t shift and so I missed the presentations and the music in the late afternoon as I had to head home, and a pleasant change I was dry there and back.

This has the makings of a cracking early season event, and one I will be definitely look out, or for any other event the musos  run

A great way to get the feeling