Whitstable Egg Run 2010


Whitstable Egg Run 2010

28th March 2010

I travelled down with the VSOC to Whitstable

With the clocks having sprung forward the night before, a few bleary eyed Rejects stood on the top of Reigate hill awaiting Paul/Jim

Who as new events organiser was to lead his first official ride out.

With AJ now with a damaged shoulder (and he knew the pretty route) it was decided to ride toWesterham where we were to meet Roy

And so we headed off South, which is a good start as Whitstable is kind of East and a bit North.And when we reached our first roundabout we went wrong. A big grin and a quick recovery and back on track.

Meeting up with Roy it was decided as original route was closed that motorway it was, but at a steady pace, so we doubled back a few miles and we were on the way.

And so it wasn’t long before we were at Whitstable, (losing Roy briefly on one roundabout) where once eggs deposited the game of “Blag as many free neck warmers as possible” started, I think Paul won.

There were plenty of interesting bikes, loads of scooter, friends from Essex and just before the off in came Debs on her lovely Ariel and Ant.

We had all decided not to do the run and so watched the others head off and then headed back to Surrey, only making one wrong turn on a roundabout. And back home before the rain.

All told a brilliant first run for Paul, we shall just have to teach him how to navigate roundabouts.


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2 Videos  as well almost the whole ride