Paignton Bike Show



Paignton Bike Show

May Bank Holiday.. It was wet...

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Paignton Bike show May Bank holiday

 So while the rest of the country basked in unseasonable early summerlike sunshine (Surrey has been glorious for the last month, prompting the early warnings of hosepipe bans) I headed down to the English Riviera only to find it cold, damp and blowing a gale. I think I may be a Jonah for this event as last time I ventured down for this event the weather was equally as inclement.

However this did not put off the faithful who head down for the BMAD (Bikers make a difference) show held every Mayday bank Holiday taking over the whole seafront. This year with the Royal wedding making it a very long weekend, the event had been suitably extended.

 I however headed down on the Saturday, and within seconds my good lady had made a purchase of some new gloves, a right bargain, and they will resolve the constant reminders that “I need gloves that fit” sadly new crash helmets in my size had sold out the day before.

 But the event is not just about shopping, though there are a myriad trade stands there, there are modern, classic and custom bikes and trikes to peruse as well. As you walked through the town, every guest hose and hotel seemed to have motorcycles of various types parked in their carparks.

 The show bikes were a bit thin on the ground this year, whether due to the weather or the long weekend meaning folk would be out and about enjoying the glorious country side, but there was still a steady stream of visitors and bikes .The show is open to Joe public as well as riders and seemed to attract all sorts. The stunt by Steve Cobbley show was a bit interesting on a wet field but he managed well, without any mishap. It would also have been interesting to see the nitrous Hayabusa slither across the damp grass rather him than me.

 There was the usual array of trophies to hand out, including that great anomaly “Best rat” surely there can never be a best rat, it should only ever be worse rat.

 For me the bikes that really caught my eve were a pretty metallic red Sportster tucked in with normal bikes, and a little yellow Ducati that I know would require an osteopath if ever I was to try and ride it.

 The Harley Davidson Marquee provided the musical entertainment during the day and night, but cold and wet we headed off to find a warm tearoom and the comfort o a cream tea, well we were in Devon, and holiday so the diets on hold for a weekend