SW19 Meet


SW19 Meet

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Its Saturday morning, its raining, and I have toothache, well more precisely an ache where the dentist removed 3 teeth a few days before. For the squeamish thatís the last time the word dentist will be used.

So a long ride was out, and so I grabbed the closest copy of BSH and noted that Stu was extolling the virtues of a new meet in SW19, oooh I know where that is, so as the showers subsided it was out on my faithful steed and off towards Wimbledon .

For many or you Wimbledon will only mean a few things, Tennis, Wombles and possible the Amal Carb shop and highgear engineering (yes I am that ancient).

For me it brings back a few old memories as was a hunting ground of mine for a few years, though sadly as is the way many of the pubs I frequented have since closed.

The Prince of Wales was a pub I have never frequented before, and I must say I wish I had before as it was a very warm welcome.

The meet was very small, but the quality was there, with several show winning bikes from this years LICS, and a few big old American muscle cars.

The Norton Chop I pulled up against certainly looked like it had seen some use, and made it even more desirable.

A BBQ had the pubs own brand of sausages going, and if you like em spicey, these are the ones for you.

The aroma of the BBQ also stirred interest in the pubs pets, a Rottie and a big Pig who both watched with interest from the pub roof.

A cracking band as well was playing as well, but I then noticed the rear of my bike looking low, yep a slow puncture, so made a quick get away to go and get it inflated.

Possibly the start of something good, we shall wait and see.