The Winter 2011 Plan


The Winter 2011 Plan


Almost there now

a video montage 

19th January 2012

and despite the rain to say I am pleased with the new Vance and Hines True Duals, New Tyres and Stage 1

 by Guildford Harley Davidson is an understatement

the look I wanted and the rumble is great

DSCF8564.JPG (229447 bytes) true dual 1.JPG (278939 bytes) true dual 2.JPG (224706 bytes)

7th January

and a trip to Viking Motorcycle seats

No more split and no more back rest hole, a nice seat thanks and great service

DSCF8548.JPG (170382 bytes) DSCF8550.JPG (257731 bytes) DSCF8561.JPG (271177 bytes)


January 2012 and it all started with a trip to Guildford Harley Davidson

Trueduals and Stage 1 due in the middle of the month

and then a bit of internet shopping found a few parcels on the doorstep


November 4th.. some of the plan in pictures

And so to the wish list
Much as though I know many will try and tempt me otherwise I would rather improve Milly than buy a new bike or even a second bike.
I have had more great experiences in the 6 ½ years of ownership than in all the years of owning other bikes, and so I owe it to her to give her a treat….
For those who are unaware Milly is a 2005 Roadking Classic with Roadking Custom wheels
So where to start… funds are not limitless, but I am hoping to have a good pot….hopefully about January
A full service and a new battery, tyres, for a start, and a repair to the seat.
I would like new brake
s black and chrome lines and possibly a clutch upgrade to make changes easy
Probably more black then bling as well been looking at black chrome accessories.
Wheels I am pondering on, whether to paint or polish,

but something needs to be done as they are grey and dreary
But then the front mudguard could do with a respray, so how about the rest?
And then the exhaust, I really fancy a true dual system, but seriously contemplating a 2 into 1, and that should mean a stage 1?
And a tow hitch and maybe a trailer
Oh decisions decisions, but fun, oh yes it is

Watch this space for progress