Inter chapter ride to Hever


Inter chapter ride to Hever


Hogsback Chapter, 1066 Chapter and Thames Valley Chapter


'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe;
All mimsy were the borogoves,
And the mome raths outgrabe.í

And thatís not your usual weather report from the BBC but on a day when most of the country was under  liquid Sunshine it sounded positive, but shaking head from under the duvet I decided the sunshine was less heavy than yesterdays biblical downpour (donít you just love a drought) and with the promise of a fun days ride ahead I put on my best winter jacket, gloves, found a dry pair of boots and waterproof leggings, well its mid summer after all, and splashed down to the high ground that our ride leader Cliff had claimed for the start point.

I am always impressed that even at such short notice, the ride had only been included during the week, how organised the ride leaders are, having checked routes and ensuring we seamlessly met up with 1066 chapter at the designated time and place. There were 5 hardy souls from Hogsback who met up with 20 bikes from 1066, but then they were almost tropical that far south. And this is one of the best bits of intercentre rides, meeting new people and admiring different bikes and trikes.

Off again to the depths of the Ashdown Forest, where as Pooh would say it was a squishy kind of day, we didnít find Eyeores gloomy place or where woozles wasnít. We did however find five damp Thames Valley Members puddling their way in. now in the best words of AA Milne we were 29.

I short rumble on and we were parked up in front of Hever Castle. Childhood home of Anne Bolyne 2nd wife of Henry VIII an impressive double moated property with magnificent gardens , for those of a botanical nature, and rooms full of torture equipment inside for those who like spikes.

Despite the liquid sunshine, and our magnificent bikes looking a bit dirty and worse for wear it has to be said it was a great ride they looked magnificent in front of a truly iconic English setting.

I was glad that the rain eased off on the way back, as my waterproofs melted while parking, ooops but then skin is waterproof isnít it.

Although a splashy day out a big thanks to the ride leaders for a grand day out.

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