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Tsunami Riders 4th Wave

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Tsunami means huge wave, and with the way the current drought has been in the south of England, already stopping some of the events I had planned to attend this year. I am beginning to think that the wave is hitting us directly from the sky. Although this may be down to my luck, as a recent once in a lifetime chance of a holiday in South Africa and a motoring event there also found torrential rain and low temperatures.

However now back in the UK and a need to find a warm and dry event with one day of good weather promised (the forecasters were right) it was off to the Tsunami Rides Ride the Wave show and 15th Birthday party near Dartford. Now it has to be said that I cannot find anything of great interest in Dartford and normally ride straight through, even though the QEII Bridge is an great feat of engineering, and I have no urge for shopping in one of the mega complexes that fill the old quarries. Although Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones were both born in Dartford so it has had its uses as a town.

Surely a juxtaposition of terms a big wave and a dry day, but who cares, along with the warmth of the sun (honest) it was the warmest of welcomes at the Ship inn.

The tsunami in the club title however relates to a big wave of riders, and there was a steady stream of bikes coming in. Already a few bikes in the garden which had become the bike show, and a large selection of SLUTS Trikes, it was time to sit back, chat and relax watching the coming and going.

The group “Stardust and sequins” had been booked for the afternoons entertainment; well actually they were 4th choice after a series on mishaps meant previously booked bands had to drop out. There was no mention if Jagger and Richards had been invited, With such a band name it was a worry about what sort of tunes we would be entertained with, but were promised they are punk and early glam, and didn’t disappoint, so with early Bowie, Iggy pop, punk tunes and the like thrashing out, the crowd seemed happy, especially the Tsunami Riders resident oldest punk in town. Though would you admit to being the drummer on the Carl Douglas classic “Kung fu fighting” or wish to be reminded.

Two bikes on the field seemed to attract the most attention, the still stunning “Yorkshire rose”  which was apparently unwashed and dirty, now if that’s dirty how clean is clean?, and a black tank less GT550. Apparently when ridden in the rain, the lack of tank plays havoc with the electrics and will strand (and has stranded) the rider by the side of the road, maybe a design error there.

There was also one of those huge trikes which Cornishman Richard Trevithick esteemed steam engineer, who created the first locomotive to pull carriages and who died in Dartford would have been proud it was supperby agricultural. Despite its size the owner seemed very adept at slinging it around.

There was a group of folk coerced into judging, but I have no idea if the task was ever completed, with the bikes coming and going I think it would have been a nightmare. Personally for me, much as though I think Yorkshire rose is a stunning bike, and there were some other notably worthy machines around, for me the winner would be the lovely black Honda café racer that was parked quietly (well when not running) in the car park it was just so right.

Making the most of a fine day I meandered back through the country lanes via Meopham and Kingsdown for two windmills. (Yes this is getting worrying) I fear I shall soon only be attending events where a windmill is en route.

  A great way to spend a day and celebrate a  15th birthday it’s taken an age to get to one of the Tsunami riders events, but I can see me going back.