Knysna speed festival 2012


Knysna speed festival 2012

or to give it its full title of the event we visited the Renault Simola Hill Climb

a twisting turning course up a road in South Africa

now in its third year and getting bigger.

it seemed a good idea to switch holiday dates to attend as we had a once in a lifetime chance to holiday in South Africa. and it was a great idea.

although cold and damp on the Friday the classic guys were giving it there all

and a few nice cars were at the waterfront prior to the town drive .

The Saturday and Sunday brought better weather and we saw lots of the practice 

though here again the word practice meant give it the full works

several cars off at corners but a great time

the cold weather on the Saturday, and being rather unprepared sadly we missed some of the racing and the aftershow party, prefering the warmth of a log fire , well it is winter in South Africa

will be some video clips as well soon

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Friday Classic Hill Climb   Scrutinering Friday
Hill Climb Saturday   Video Friday