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As seen in issue 228 of 100% Biker

Now this is a first for me, not only heading to the NCC Sussex “Innit to Winnit” show which is now in its second year but because it is the first time out for my grandson at any sort of bike show or custom event so I thought it would be interesting as many of us are getting older to find out a ten year old view of the scene and you will hear Alfie’s view as we his brief resume is later on.

As the age old saying is an English summer is 3 days of sun and a thunderstorm and after several months of the hottest weather ever it had to break sometime. Now it has to be said the day was a little moist, but did that deter folk, oh no as there was an impressive array of bikes and cars on arrival and they still kept coming in, such is the draw of an NCC show. With loads of local clubs and NCC members from all over the south.

With cars on one side of the big field and bikes on the other it looked like a manic preparation for monster chess, though the cars may have won with the monster land rover which looked like it would eat any bike; required half or the pub fencing removed to get in the field, this was also Alfie’s car of the day.

There was a worrying amount of Trikes including James the Sussex NCC Rep brand new V8 trike which was only completed, road tested and tweaked frantically the week before. But to show what to do with a V8 there was also a V8 Engine bike, that’s better two wheels is good.

Now I have heard a rumour that the trend for Matt Black bikes other than rats is slowly on the way out and this is definitely approved by Alfie who loves colour and despite normally heading for any green bike his favourite was a Yellow Vmax with alien lights. So I would seriously go colourful if you want to have youngsters of today interested, this was also noted as I pulled into a local dealership afterwards as he went straight for the bling, Yoda would be pleased.

By half way round Alfie was concerned that I did know everyone in the world, and so lunch was called before more perusing. Now I have no idea on all winners as while we started looking round again the heavens opened, and many vehicles started to leave strangely many of the cars first. James and the other NCC guys were soon holding papier Mache rather than voting cards, I do know Rays neat Guzzi won best custom but after that I have no idea.

I am sorry but we also escaped into a major monsoon, but did this dull Alfies experience for his rally oh no as he has the bug now. And the NCC Boys well they partied into the night in the only way they know how.