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As seen in issue 240 of 100% Biker  

There is a great idiom “Herding Cats” which describes a futile attempt to control or organize a class of entities which are inherently uncontrollable - as in the difficulty of attempting to command a large number of cats into a group.

Being allergic to cats, and my wife loving cats we compromised on four so I know this saying well. This is also how our esteemed editor controls her small (but perfectly formed) team of freelancers, though we all know Yoda is a totally stubborn and uncontrollable free spirit.

It’s the second weekend in June which tradition dictates is the lion rally (which is a really, really Big Cat and don’t think my antihistamines would cope) and after many “who’s doing what this weekend messages” you find me once again in Reading, although it was always on the cards especially as I had been offered lunch.

This really is one of the most relaxed rallies you can come across in the south,and totally family friendly  with the traditional camping area, beer tent and an area like a small corral with the stalls and food vendors around. One cool stall there was renting out camping items and with many basics required. For those that wanted a change for a their epicurean delights there was a Paella stall.

And also I have to add very well organised, decent signs to find the venue, what seemed a million helpers and all to keep the punters happy. With silly games involving mopeds and the bike show it was all very relaxed and people were all very involved, there didn’t seem any need to coax people. Sadly I missed the aerobatics by one moped rider as she flew off the seesaw landing in a nearby stall. From the stage they played a really good mix of music with several folks jigging around.

Three girls had a charity head shave for cancer and raised over £600 at the rally alone and over £2600 in total, well done to the “loony Ladies” a great effort. A first for me at any event there was a practical demonstration of how to lift a fallen bike which several people tried as well.

But you really want to know about the bike show and the selection of machinery on display, I think we can happily say that the mix was diverse and certainly of the best quality. Many also were the rides of those in the rally.

I’m glad I wasn’t judging the show as I would have found it impossible, however drop dead gorgeous the Norvin is, I know my back would not allow such a vehicle to be ridden.

It was nice to see several bikes making the daytrip specially to attend the show as well. So in the way of all things, how would I judge it, as ever it would be the bike I would happily ride home on? Of all the bikes there the much modified Sportster which an American owner was riding around the world. With KTM forks, extra lights, masses of extra storage including some made from waste pipe it was glorious and currently on 66000 miles, well done sir.

The presentation was made by riding the vehicles past the stage and winners trophies given by the rally girls, it’s always good to see winning bikes ridden.  

Winners high necked sportster chop best engineering, gold sportster Best American and Paint, Norvin Best Brit and best in show, Suzuki GSX  Peoples choice, Chromed Vmax Best Streetfighter, VW Trike Best Trike, Honda vtx best Jap,  Skully Trike best Rat and Honda C50 best Moped.    

All told a fabulous event and it’s no wonder its growing from strength to strength well done to all.

Two general albums, an album of head shave one of  prize giving and a video