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There is a saying that I struggle with “New and Improved” it is used on a variety of adverts and goods but is meaningless. If an item is a new product it is new, if it a product that has been improved it is improved, it cannot be both at the same time, rant over you may ask what has this to do with a motorcycle event.


The Mabon rally, one of my favourite little rallies had to quickly relocate this year following the sale of their previous venue. So we all wondered how this new venue would be, and if possible could it improve an already perfect event. Ok so it is a tenuous link to the first paragraph, but it’s the way my brain thinks as I ride up a hideously congested M25 and M1 full of duvet filled cars as they take their offspring to colleges and the roadworks in full flow.


Brilliant signage though made finding the Globe in easy and the smiling face of Otter gave a comforting welcome of normality, yes this was already feeling like the Mabon we like. Still very much a traditional rally with a bonfire and field behind the pub, but now with an improvement of a marquee tent sitting area, with bubbling urn of hot water, after a grey cool ride this coffee was very welcome.

So what do you do as a club when the landlord of the old pub sells up, easy you drag him and his Honda CB200 to the rally and rope him into his traditional fiendish pub quiz.


One sad loss was the lack of posts for a push of war but now the rally games included Welly Wanging, horseshoe tossing (come on stop sniggering at the back) and tyre changing all enthusiastically entered for the chance to win beer vouchers.


Food was laid on by the pub, and this may be the one let down as they only had on a “biker menu”, basically three different mince based meals. But I hope this will change in the future. However it has to be said the chilli I had was tasty and a tad lively.


Around the field were as ever an interesting mix of two and three wheelers. From Gromit an interesting combination, to a Goldwing trike with lots of lights and then to a gorgeous well used Brough. Not only obviously well used but it had some ingenious touches like bottle retaining springs and push bike lights for modern traffic.


With a crazily full diary for the weekend sadly I couldn’t stay longer as I headed north on the M1 again. Thanks to the Cernunnos crew for a great do, new site but the same old Mabon cheers guys.


                                           Article in issue 193 100% Biker