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As seen in issue 444 of Back Street Heroes

Well I will admit that last year I was a Malle Mile virgin, but it was such a great feel good

event, that it instantly went on my “must do” list for this year. There are not many events that

have a stately hall as a backdrop while two-wheel enthusiasts tear headlong around the


And boy was I glad that the folk at Male with guidance from the local council found a way to

ensure it went ahead this year with the whole event being held outside with bars stages and

exhibitions dotted around the site. Then there were all the glamping tents and all sorts of

random bikes around it must have been how jousting was years back. Though Kevington

Hall only goes back to around 1768 so missed out on jousting.

Numbers were reduced to give everyone the chance to obey the social distancing rules that

we have got used too now. But there seemed more riders than ever for these inappropriate

races. Where twist and go scooters can race against modified Suzuki Bandits, and 1940s

Harley Davidsons against two 1970’s stroke trials bikes. There were some great classics, but

less radical customs racing than last year.

Now there is a sort of running order for the event, with different skill classes for the Mile, Hill

Climb and Midnight Mile for Electric Bikes. With pairs of bikes setting off against each other

in a flag start with clutch hand on helmet, which may be why the twist and go scooter did so

well. There was also Moto polo with Roya Enfield, and a children’s race uphill for those with

engines and downhill for those on balance bikes, and the passion by the children was ace.

There are no prizes or trophies but its all just for fun.

After the Mile came the Hill with a steeper gradient and more bends, bikes like a road

standard Moto Guzzi V50 and a uraL sidecar found the hill a bit more interesting, if not


But already by part way through the first races on the Mile we were getting seriously behind

not that anyone really cared. The commentators on the truck it has to be said were great,

with really random commentary, which suited so well. But also kept everyone informed of the

other events, such as painting with bike tyres, but no one kept them up to date on the cricket


With the weather staying good, although a bit blustery there was plenty to keep you

interested if not watching the racing. The was a small exhibition of the art of motorcycling,

with some cool bikes and art , but the bike which caught my eye was on the Royal Enfield

stand, I personally loved the totally clean bars on one with the dual braking from rear.

The mix of folk at this event is amazing from families to groups, and those who just rode up,

ragged their bikes up the hill and then rode off again. There are those that dress up and

some seriously prepping bikes, but fun is definitely the may theme, and lots of smiles all day


By early evening I was sunburnt, had eaten icecream, seen racing, laughed, met friends

(and my wifes “next husband” Charley Boorman) and was covered in dust from the bikes

racing around. Thdere were happy people, smiles and bikes , a fabulous event and will I be

back you can count on that.

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