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As seen in issue 206 of 100% biker  


“Oi Mister what you doing next weekend” only about 4 events I replied, “well get your rear to Holland and I will buy you a beer”

Holland I think, mmm a break away, cheese, good beer, clogs and windmills, mmmmm windmills Ok sounds a plan send me an address.

So before I had had time to dig out the ferry guides and break my piggy bank some more, I find out that this particular Holland is in Surrey, oh well no new windmills for me then, but the idea of a free beer was too much of a draw, and I haven’t met Ernie for ages.

It is surprising how many places in England have names which evoke foreign places and these include Palestine, New York and California the latter both based in East Anglia if you ever get an urge to ride across America and back before tea time.

Mmm tea time, possibly the best meal of the day pass the cake, and arriving at tea time, sadly no cake but a decent coffee and busy BBQ, when doing so many events I am often coffee fuelled.

Lots of local clubs were present including AMOC, Free Spirits, MC Rottum, Steel horses and many more. And so my favourite way to spend a day, relaxing in afternoon sunshine watching all and sundry arrive apart from my mate Ernie, so where was my promised beer? We may not have been in Holland for real but it had a relaxed feel that Europe has and prepared me for my European trip in September.

Bike wise a great survivor from the 1970's, a BSA chop was a firm favourite with all, and many folk were trying to prise it away from owner with promises of vast sums of money and their first born, but the bike had too many memories and tales to be told, including being rebuilt several times by the road on trips across Europe.

But add also a huge trike, a wonderful selection of other bikes and if not chatting and swapping tales, or sitting in the sun, this was a perfect way to spend and afternoon/

It was nice to see the pub locals joining in too with their bikes and scooter, camping was nearby and it was settling into a nice afternoon. And just as I was giving up hope so Ernie arrived. Now this it has to be said was dedication to a cause as he lives nearly 100 miles away and had set out on his bike after a long day at work (5am start) and had to return for his van as bike poorly. He eventually arrived met me and friends and brought beer and was then going to head home in the evening but this is what the friendships in biking do I suppose.

A cracking band playing as the sun set it just made for a very relaxed evening just fabulous I rode back to the UK out of this Dutch idyll, without any worries about declaring anything or being frisked.