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As seen in issue 249 of 100% Biker

One of the strengths of the biker community is the spirit of camaraderie and support from your fellow enthusiasts, and you do not need to be in a club to understand this.

In March 2019 Harry a young worker at a local hospital with a young son was T Boned and sustained serious injuries and is still in hospital. He worked with a member of Middilgard R.C so the club got together to hold a charity event to help support him and his family.

Considering this event had been put together in a month, it was their first show and it was a chilly spring morning the attendance was amazing, the welcome friendly and the atmosphere fantastic, it really had the feel of a well-established event. I of course had used the legendary 100% Freelancer skill of being hopeful that I am in the right area and then following other bikes which may be going to the event. it worked. It wasn’t just local clubs either with folk just wanting to help. All were happy to pay their £2 entry and then there was more money being raised on a raffle and auction, with some enthusiastic bidding for some random stuff.

The show bikes were positioned around the edge of the circular carpark edge with others on the field, giving a superb two-tiered viewing area and the hub being the check in table. Where the public voted on various categories including a best under 250 which was a difficult choice.

There was a vast range from learner scooters to V8 chops and trikes I had a little lust over a BSA Bantam before remembering I am as banned from ownership of Bantams as Trikes. This event even brought out a few old favourites as well with the “My Great Escape Harley” with its cool paintjob to an interesting 535 Virago with a hand painted cowboy theme I haven’t seen in a while.

I liked the idea that there were also spot prizes given for bikes not in the show, the bike park had some very interesting machines from a hardtail Armstrong to turbo streetfighter.

Harry’s son was there and was presented with his own jacket, but he was overwhelmed and hid most of the time with his mum. I hope the monies raised will help Harry and while like many of us there have never met him wish him a swift recovery.

The big winner of the day was the flamed Harley which won bike of the day and several other prizes

In true style on leaving I managed a complete loop of the town and passed the event in two directions before finding an out a great day out.