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As seen in issue 456 of back Street Heroes

Its great when something new starts up, and especially so close to home. So, on a packed local event day it was good to see this event so well attended. With lots of local clubs and regular rally goers.

Oddly being so close to home and having passed the Dog and Duck 100s of times I have never stopped, but at least I couldn’t get lost, which was good as having met my brother for first time in months the night before I was little delicate. Mind you my celebrations didn’t go onto 4am either.

There was a warm welcome and I found out most had gone for a ride out, though those who had partied hard the night before looked as tired as I felt, so lots of coffee was being drunk from the minotaur’s well stocked bar, I joined them. I considered going to find the ride out, as I knew the destination, but I started bumping into people I’ve not seen in ages and got chatting, after all that’s what rallies are for catching up with folk. So, I relaxed and watched the world go by on a lovely summer’s day.

Trikes and V Maxes seemed to be the main style of cool bikes, and I loved the jag V12 trike. If there was a perseverance award it would go to the Harley FXR rider who had to ride a couple of miles holding the carb on with his knee, until he could stop at the rally to find a bodge to reattach. Running repairs seemed to be the way to go, as a cool little 125 chop which had done around 100 miles to get there then produced a big bag of tools to reattach his handlebars. I loved the subtle orange Suzuki with a lush exhaust.

One of my big plans for this year was to have ridden to Czech Republic, but we have had to delay that so I pleased to see a Czech and Slovak catering tent. I may have got a bit confused on ordering and had the most enormous mix of chicken and sausage, but boy it was good.

I’m glad I wasn’t camping as the guys from the Minotaur’s had had to hack down knee high grass amongst massive hillocks amongst some serious swampy areas to make a camping area. Though most clubs had found comfortable areas, riding across was a different. What was nice around the small trading area there was plenty of seating.  

With the pub being on the main route to a couple of the souths best biking venues, there was a steady drop in as well.  As this was their first event it has to be said an impressive turn out. There was due to be a bike show, and I think some of the drops in expected this, and this is possible the one area I would suggest to improve, to create an afternoon show and I’m sure would be well attended.

I left far later in the afternoon than I planned, maybe a little sunburnt too, but had had a great time, all agreed it was a great weekend, even with the pub running out of beer and plans are already underway for next year 12-14 August.

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