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As seen issue 468 of Back Street Heroes

Mono Motorcycles in the capable hands of Daniel and Katy have been around since 2017 and have been steadily growing a fan base since. With both Daniels skills at trouble shooting and wiring, for all bikes from Classics to Customs, including bespoke looms. To their ever-busy monthly breakfast meets to their charity quizzes along so it was not surprising that a custom and classic show came next.

To make it totally unique it was held in the Pallant centre in Havant, basically a large church hall and the invited competition bikes were all set up inside. With a few additions that Daniel had pulled in from the car park, including one which would be an eventual winner. Many of the bikes Daniel had had a hand in tweaking or working on as well.

With over nine months of planning by Katy, I knew it would be good. There was serious sponsorship from Dunlop and several local stalls arranged too, including the rather good food van they have for their monthly meets. JAA paints also were doing an exhibition of his airbrush skills. I looked on contemplating the cakes, but my funds wouldn’t allow so sniffed the nearby air.

Just a few days before I was asked to Judge the show, so I checked my useful guide on how to judge a bike show, after the front page which suggested “Don’t do it”, the next one said “pick the bikes you would ride home” as best and every third green bike.

Arriving what I thought was early, I found Daniel putting out his very useful signs, and managed to find a space in a rapidly filling bike park. In the hall the bikes ranged from high necked V twins, V8 powered bikes, to mangled C70s. Spread had his gorgeous Sports style Vmax, which he had only just ridden back from Germany, and some warriors from the Malle events, including a mad dirt covered Bandit trials bike, which to me looked ace.

 In under a couple of hours there had already been over 300 visitors, now that’s impressive for a first event. And this steady stream of visitors carried on all day and being in the centre of Havant included many walk-in locals. Finding shade was more of a challenge, and I claimed a convenient seat under a tree to watch the world go by.

Presented with the judging sheet with bikes already in pre made categories, I panicked, no green bikes. So, I had to go down to really studying such as the difference in visible wiring. During the afternoon, the guys from Muc Off had demonstrated how well their product worked by washing the trials bandit, to me a real shame as it would have won as it was, so was pipped by the VFR in a scrambler frame. Custom was trickier, and ultimately came down to wheels. There were two in the paint and although skulls are not my thing, the paint and design flowed so well on the sportster it had to win.

Modern classics were tougher and a bike I have never seen before won, an amazing BMW racer. Then for the 125s and under a work in progress C70 which looked fun. I later found this was one of bikes pulled from the carpark, and the young riders grin could be seen from space.

Best in show was easy for me, a achingly pretty, grey triumph chop, which I later found was built in a shed following an accident. The lines for me sat just right, and it looked fun.

As the afternoon progressed, there was a short presentation and as a thankyou for judging a box of cakes, happy days, then just the challenge of getting them home.

All told a great day, and thanks for Daniel, Katy, her gang of helpers, including parents for the superb event, there is already talk of an event next year,

Best in Show – Pat & the Triumph Chop

Best Café Racer – Olly & the Honda CB750

Best Flat Tracker/Scrambler – Ian & the Honda VFR750

Best Paint – Keith & the Harley 48 Custom

Best Mini Mayhem – Rhys & the Honda C90 Custom

Best Custom – Chrome Royal Enfield

Best Modern Classic – Leon & the BMW Café Racing Bike

Best Classic – Roy & the Triumph Bonneville