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Article in issue 238 of 100% Biker

Now I seem to be fated the last couple of years with Musos on Bikes show for riding down to the event, as my back wet click in the week running up to it, mind you I was not as bad as the other half of the Dynamic Duo as Yoda ended up in hospital. But there is little which will stop me attending this event which unusually was held on the Bank Holiday weekend which caused a few worries on crashes with other events. But its tradition to be an early season show, and with so much on any weekend it was never going to be easy, and besides the week after was the pubs sausage festival.

Nick “frontman“ of Musos on Bikes a term for a loose collection of musicians who ride bikes, and who the term “herding cats” would be perfect for trying to gather together, informed me though that due to commitments there were even less of the motley crew there as well, so with even with less Musos around than usual, a snugger site due to continued building work next to pub, and clash with other events, it was game on.

A change to style this year for the 9th event as it was just an afternoon event with the music on an outside stage. The two bands were Juxta, a local originals band, whose last song. ”Going old disgracefully”, went down particularly well and the Musos old favourites Furious Badgers who sadly once again I missed.

When I arrived there were already some quality bikes including Pete “Tub Thumpers” old/new style triumph which he has been telling me about for years which was stunning and ultimately won best in show. I wish I had more photos although none would show how sweet this is, as he is a big man, I also wonder how small it really must look.

To save my back, I found a handy barrel to sit on and watch the world go by, it’s like the old adage about Central Station New York where if you sit there long enough you will see the world, or in this case all the local clubs. It was busy and people passing in an out everywhere, the Musos really didn’t have to worry as the show soon filled up.

Sadly my aches didn’t allow me to perch all day and I missed several friends. Next year to celebrate a decade of events, they hope to move it back to their preferred weekend middle of May, and possibly camping

Other winners in the show included

Best Custom - Colin's awesome Daimler Trike which was quite something.

Best Paint - Paul's Rat Fink Chop

Best Street - the Kawasaki cafe racer, which I lusted after and had had some magic touches on it from the Motorcycle workshop who are creating some nice café racers.

Best Rat - John Budd's Suzuki TS250

Best Classic - Andy's beautiful little Rudge