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May finds Bosun a busy boy and so sadly it was only a very brief drop into my favourite event oif the year, the Musos on Bikes show now in its 7th year.

I thought I had got there really early but with a glorious day weather-wise already the carpark was filling up with bikes, with a few bikes already in the show.

With the custom show not officially starting until 2, by 1 o clock space in both the show area and bike parking area was limited, and although there were no official numbers counted we knew this was the busiest show yet. Prompting discussions on venues with larger car parks, or maybe rearranging the layout of the carpark for any other events.

I am so glad that I did not have to judge this year as it would have been a challenge, and as ever the Musos had some superb trophies made of leather and surrounding bottles superb. Set up a little differently there was also an area for some afternoon music too; well they are the musos after all.

P and D customs brought their lovely green Digger style Triumph, and a real survivor from the 70’s Harley Dresser.  A very pretty red Suzuki chop certainly took my eye, and then there were the usual trikes from the enormous cobra engine to everyday usable Virago trike.

As ever it was also a great meeting place for lots of local clubs, and finding out who is riding what this year as many friends, and me have swapped bike over the winter.

It was a real shame that I couldn’t stay too long as it was gearing up for a great afternoon.

Musos on Bikes 8 next year yes please



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