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A few days away in the Spanish Costas with family and being forced to use buses meant I was gagging for a need to ride and some sort of normality on my return. I know most who know me believe I have a tenuous grasp on reality at the best of times but I needed bikes and a meet to recharge the bikes and my batteries, with the sun out (though not quite as warm as Spain) it was point the steed south to The Musos on bikes show at the Shelley. It was a fine and splendid choice for an afternoon.


A warm greeting by “Frontman” and “Tub Thumper” who seemed to be expecting me, made a perfect if not surreal start. I mean I rarely know where I will end up half the time.  But then this is often the norm for me. For those of a nervous disposition please look away now, I even refused a drink off these fine fellows as well.


And so I found a comfy bit of wall, well it seemed the thing to do, I hoped it would not collapse and watched the masses roll in. I was up and down like a yoyo as it was busy, and lots on folk wanted to say hi. A long V max trike with very long straight through pipes had to be possibly one of the loudest road vehicles I have ever heard especially with its missfire, but made me smile.


Slowly folks were persuaded to vie for the lovely trophies to be won, and an eclectic mix there was too. With some pretty Triumphs, some great classics (I would have given the prize to the WWII BMW in the car park but it wasn’t entered)  

It seems to me that BMW’s are making a minor flurry into the scene as a rather nice BMW was entered. I did wonder though when the owner of a Rat bike in the car park had to ask round for a way to fix his number plate, I thought it was compulsory that a rat bike owners jacket pockets were always full of such thinks, and other assorted fixings.


Nice also was the JAP engine bike, but I think with the Harley name on the tank I feel a few may have passed it by.


Being as the club is run by musicians it was no surprise when from the pub garden music started up, on investigation it meant Morris dancers were at play.  They were the big stick waving scary style, not your ribbons and boater type, a pleasant diversion. The seats in the garden were softer than the wall too and in the shade.


The chopper club as ever turned out some nice machines, including a lovely untouched survivor in the yellow Suzuki chopper which current owner is coaxing back to regular use.


As to who won what or how the rest of the day went I do not know as the sun enticed me to ride more, but who worries as the day was just splendid.


Photos and report in BSH Number 353 September 2013


People including Morris Dancers

Bikes Album 1

Bikes Album 2