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Ah May and musos on bikes back for its 8th year, sadly this year due to a plonker damaging my bike and it being in for repair not on my trusty steed, but a lack of bike does not a Bosun stop and so I contemplated using public transport until good lady volunteered a lift, on the plus side there is always a plus side this meant I could have a pint or, cough cough, two. Well I had to rehydrate as it was a sunny day.

There’s not a lot more I can say about this event that hasn’t already been said, it’s just about spot on with a friendly welcome, cool bikes, easy to understand bike show awards, and cool awards too. The main award by public vote, being crafty and not wanting to judge the show again I kept ducking away from Nick every time he said “there was something I had to ask you”.  Add in BBQ and good ale and music by their own fair hand the afternoon’s entertainment by Nicks Daughter Taygan and also the barmaid was roped into a turn.

Well that’s why the musos on bike club was created as its as much about music as bikes.

My mate T Bone started his big birthday week with Best Rat award for his lovely blue Suzuki chop which has been evolving over the years and is a daily runner. The classic bike trophy went to the Velocette and Dave How won the best in show for his lovely triumph “fun of the fair” I think he should have won something for his Casey jones outfit too. I cannot remember the others but all seemed pleased.

In the evening with possibly the coolest band name ever “the furious badgers” were to entertain, though I would think “the slightly miffed ferrets” would also be cool I may have over rehydrated as a quick afternoon nap went on a bit to long for returning.

We are hopeful that Musos 9 will be held at the same location, but the pub is steadily being boxed in with new houses, let’s hope so as it’s a spot on venue, and roll on 2018.


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