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As seen issue 468 of Back Street Heroes

Dilemma time, being National Chopper Club I knew this would be good, and it had been a long time since I had been to one of their shows in that area. Being Berkshire I also knew I would get lost; I don’t know why but I always do in Berkshire. But I found an easy looking route, and so when the delights of the M25 stuffed that plan, and on a busy show weekend I then had to fight around many other car and village shows to find the chopper show. Also the joys of Windsor to contend with I obviously waved at Queeny as I passed the castle.

The sun shone and the glint on the chrome soon had me in the right place, a cracking pub in the back end of beyond, and being NCC such a varied choice too. I love the fact that all local NCC members assist in running these shows  

I was soon relieved of a Lady Godiva, by one of the Dorset guys (you can tell by the trousers) for a raffle ticket to let me in and found a place to park. This was very close to what would be my bike of the day, although it wasn’t placed, the matchless I would happily have ridden home, it just screamed, play with me. It was also great to see the Dali-Davidson chop again, a bike I have admired for years.

For a change no stalls, just a bar, BBQ and some music, well what more do you want, well maybe volume control as although although the chosen songs were good, they were so loud it was difficult to chat to friends I haven’t seen in years. Somehow, we did though.

The contingent from South Downs and Surrey NCC had already blagged one of best shady spots and looked very settled for the afternoon. On discussing the sartorial eloquence of Dorset riders, I asked if they were considering a theme, bow ties or something I think the shocked look by bear said it all.

The judges were already circulating, and I really pitied their job, but with a packed car park I also pitied any rider who may have won as in true NCC style they were to be ridden up for prizes. This was especially true of Dutch from Herts NCC with his Monster FJ, and the young lady on the frozen trike. I have seen this trike and rider many times, her enthusiasm for life is infectious and the paintwork still immaculate, Dutch’s bike is just something else and won an honourable mention.

Other winners were a Lambretta (when it eventually started) as best classic, a lush Z650 as best street bike, a carbon fibre Suzuki won best street fighter (owner called it café facer, I just thought lovely), Triumph thunderbird got best paint. Best custom a springer Harley, honourable mentions for a triumph triple and green Harley. Best in show was a red panhead which apparently not long before was 5 boxes of parts from the states.

And one luck lady won £100 for having the correct raffle ticket on entry, I was only 130 numbers out, it could have been me.

Now we all know that usually once presentations are over everyone bogs off, but I think the chilled vibe got many and so the chatting and wandering continued for some time. But then the lure of an ice cream started me heading home, and successfully found, happy days

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