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Now this was thought out, on a weekend with several interesting events, and the talk of a heatwave, I decided on the route west, as it avoids riding into the sun, and back into the sun, I was glad I made this choice.

You all know how the brain wanders while on a ride to somewhere, first of all there is the annoying ear worm, and for me this was “Go West” possibly due to the recent safety adverts and mainly as I was heading west, proper west for a change and the 1st Dorset Chopper Club Show.

Then I got into thinking about Dorset knobs, a strange hard rusk like roll, baked since the 1800s, which the area is known for and the Dorset Knob throwing competition. Sadly, the competition was cancelled this year, so I was unable to try out my sporting prowess. Though my triple axis swan throw is technically an illegal move.

Now considering the club had to make a late change of venue the turnout was impressive, and despite official start time of midday, by 11.30 the guy’s marshalling had their work cut out showing folk where to go.  And any available shade was already taken by visitors, already making good use of the outside bar. I think the number of visitors surprised all but despite the queues the bar staff remained cheerful and good natured. But it seemed that many had stayed overnight, and there was a steady stream of new campers too. Being a campsite there was a handy water tap which many were using during the day.

There were visitors from all around the country and some from France which is impressive for a first show. But oddly such is the professionalism of the Chopper Club, it didn’t feel like a first show it ran so well.

As well as the challenge of a small gravel roadway, part of the fun was seeing bikes pass the pub, and then turn around, I lost count after a while, but it made me smile. During the afternoon we had a blues type singer which was relaxing in the sunshine.

There were some really quirky three wheelers too, from a bandit mad max affair with huge velour chair, to a trike which looked like a v8 but had a VW powerplant, and then a WW2 German looking outfit with modern Engine. A few hot rods also graced the show as well.

Chop wise there was as ever a great mix of engines, and some seemed to be survivors from bygone ages. I did not envy the judges, or trying to round the winners up, as some new to NCC events  didn’t grasp the idea of riding up for trophies. I think this made Winners included a BMW for streetfighter, a lovely red shovel, a copper Lambreta chop which smoked the place out, a massive v8 trike, Dutch’s mad XJ. While a model a and B got hot rod prizes.

For me the bike I would have wanted to ride home, which arrived a little late was a glorious Triumph , which had some great engineering touches and looked fun, but then the triumph triple also looked fun and waiting for me. Or the BSA which looked like p[lunger but was rigid.

There is already talk of a second show, the only grumbles I heard were about food and drink prices, but this couldn’t be helped at short notice (though £10 for basic burger and chips did seem steep from the van and £4 for lime and lemonade in pub)

The party then carried on into the evening with a ska band

Thankfully on the way home no earworm, but then no Dorset knobs either, but I’m sure I will be back, possibly best show so far this year.

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