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In my quest this year to visit lots of new events to me, high on the list this year was Frame and Flames the NCC Kent show. A show that has been running some years now, but amazingly I have never been too, odd as it has been told I will go to an opening of an envelope.

Thinking I had turned up early fighting for an elusive parking space was already the game, and being a chopper club do the car park already had some interesting bikes in, including the ex Twizzle double tanked rust bike and an enormous Jag v12 trike with twin superchargers.

Filtering the show bikes out as bikes arrived was a challenge, and more so to squeeze them into the smallish pub car park where the main show was being held.

Already in the show was my wifes favourite bike, the matt black rat created by dillon for  Beartrap , as my good lady was not with me I decided to wind her up with a photo of me sitting on the bike, thanks to the owner. I am now really worried about my good ladies shopping list which starts off “matblack paint and fibreglass”

The quality and class of bikes was high and as eclectic as you could wish. From a red scooter with Perspex running board, to high barred chops like the Red Motorguzzi and streetfighters like the old school Suzuki with a hard up custom frame, just perfect.

Nick from Musos on Bikes purple Suzuki has had a makeover after 10 years on the road and looks stunning again, and bumped into an old friend Phil who I haven’t seen in at least 8 years, and still rocking the ape hanger look after many years, I am sure his arms are longer now.

So as the crush in the small car park became too much so like a trail of ants, there was a constant stream of bodies across the road to the other carpark, I am sure those marshalling soon wished for a STOP school crossing sign. With a decent cuppa in hand though I sneaked a seat by the road and watched the comings and goings a great way to pass the time.

I have no idea on the band’s name, but they were unique, in the same way as the Gutter Brothers from times gone by updated songs with unusual instruments, so this group managed a Cajun/folk twisty to many songs. I know the definition of a gentleman is a man who can play an accordion but doesn’t, but the accordion player set the tone for the afternoon was fun and after all that’s what we come for fun and entertainment.

Why has it taken me so long to find out about this gem of a show, happy people, cool bikes and fun to boot Be there next year of be square, or in the case of the NCC Diamond shape.