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Article in issue 225 of 100% Biker



There is quite a cross over between the military and motorcycle enthusiasts, for many they may have served, for the rest of us it’s the battling of the elements that join us together along with some weird and wonderful machinery.

Many traders cross over the scene too and a big thanks to Spike owner of “Victory Snack Bar” and “Razor Blade badges” who is seen at many bike rallies across the south, suggested I come along to the overlord military show in Southampton, which is held annually in May, where he would be. And in my search for different things to attend it seemed a fine thing to do,

Now the last time I recall attending anything vaguely military was the Royal Tournament in Earls Court London when I was still at school, yes a long time ago especially as the last one was held in 1999, so it was a real eye opener.

With fields full of huge machinery, people dressed up in their favourite period, shopping, dioramas and re-enactments there was something for everyone. If you couldn’t afford or have the space for full scale vehicles there was even a group which had radio controlled tanks, which were pretty cool.

But we of course wanted to know about the bikes and there were plenty of them, though most were with sidecar including a scooter with a few other despatch riders bikes too and then there was the wonderful Kettenkrad a half tracked motorcycle which looked great fun, certainly the rider seemed to be loving throwing it around the arena along with two sidecars.

The re-enactment was fun with the good guys almost not winning until the cavalry came in at last minute, well if by cavalry you mean Americans in Half Tracks. For some reason it always looks as though the baddies have more fun certainly when walking around the dioramas this seemed to be the case. The German commander was even speaking to his group in German    

But for me one of the best things about the event is it had these vehicles moving as that is when vehicles come alive, static shows are all well and good but vehicles are meant to move. This is also why I often like smaller ride in shows where bikes can be free to move.     

Sadly the food queues were too long to catch up with Spike who was incredibly busy but huge thanks for the invite and great to try something different for a change.




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