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Ah the joys of living in a country which has a temperate environment which means officially we here in good old blighty are not prone to extreme weather changes. Hence we have seasons and not just a hot and cold season. Here in the UK our climate is determined by the sea, which is understandable as we are surrounded by the stuff.   The only constant to the English weather however is bank holidays when the weather could do and does do whatever it wants whether seasonal or not.

So here I am the first bank holiday in May and heading to the seaside, for the annual Hastings Motorcycle meet and in true fashion within 5 miles of my house I had already had most styles of weather, which I was not impressed about as not wearing full waterproofs and this meant that the fog and cloud also stopped my windmill hunting, as I have heard rumour of a new one in Sussex.

But the typical weather does not and did not deter me and the hordes of other motorcyclists to the meet. With bikes not only over taking the whole of the sea front but the town too, with many stools selling motorcycle related clothing, books and trinkets. It may have been a bit quieter on the chop and full on custom scene which we love, but it was busy and there were still enough interesting bikes to be seen also, and if you combined your visit with a trip to the new revolution motorcycle show it made a great day out. As well as watching the folk pass by from the green man festival it makes for a great tribal festival feel.

No trip to the coast is complete without doughnuts by the pier (rats to diet) and a stick of rock for the son, so both duly purchased and a good natter with friends later and an ogle at Mr Percys latest Rat Bike I headed home a happy Bosun.


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