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As seen in issue 242 of 100% biker  

For such a small country such as England it is incredible, especially in the South East which is so overcrowded and full of big roads, that peace and tranquillity can be found. But such was the effect I had at the Party with the Roses, organised by The English Rose Sisterhood. The party was at a location between two motorways and two major trunk roads. But within seconds of following the well placed signs, the roads narrowed, the trees tunnelled the roads and it felt like you were entering a portal to another land.

And this land had happy relaxed folk lots and lots of happy folk from all over the country and Europe. It was so nice to see bikes and folks that I haven’t met before, Ping’s wild star being one of those, but apparently it has been everywhere. The setting being perfect a Pub with huge garden, lots of trees giving shade, and a classic rock band played tunes at a peasant level during the afternoon. A huge camping hill was also filling up fast with all prime level’ish positions grabbed early.   There was also tranquillity about the place which immediately made you feel chilled on a very warm day.

So happy and relaxed were these party folk that impressively the girls persuaded three teams, Rejects Brotherhood, Medusa WMC and QRRA to take part enthusiastically in silly games which the Rejects Brotherhood won, with no cheating at all by any team (coughs and shuffles feet while looking innocent, I didn’t notice anything honest ). In other awards the QRRA best club turn out and the Hells Bells furthest distance.

Although no cake was found (a party with no cake!!), there were burgers and beer aplenty, prosecco and pimms, and for me a decent coffee. Hobbit was seen distributing sausage rolls and cheese rolls from a rather dainty tea stand, it’s amazing what can arrive on a well-used triumph t140, though these treats were gone in seconds.

As this was my third event of the day you couldn’t have asked for anything better to relax into the evening when another band was due to play. And so chilled and relaxed I headed back past the horses dressed as Zebras (don’t ask), through the tree tunnel to the manic world of the M25.

 Sadly Ricky who had been asking me along for ages had gone down with extreme lurgy, and so I never got to see her demonstration of extreme doyley making/crocheting or other things that ladies do, maybe next year.