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As seen in issue 243 of 100% Biker

The Pheasant Pluckers Rally Club are a very active Sussex based ride and rally club with an positive attitude to inviting all riders to events. They are also passionate about bringing newer riders into the scene, so it seemed natural that they should put on an event while raising money for the Royal Marsden Hospital .

And so the Freshly Feathered one day show came around and I was asked to be a celebrity judge. Oooh that sounds posh I thought, what makes me a celebrity apart from freelancing for this esteemed magazine and looked up the word celebrity; “a famous person, especially in entertainment or sport, or the state of being well known”. Well that makes sense I suppose as I am infamous in my own lunchtime and as has been noted I do “get about a bit”, seemingly to be everywhere if it involves motorcycles. I still wonder how the term Celebrity matches the people seen on some of these televisual programmes my good lady likes. Thankfully there was no requirement to wear a tuxedo or bow tie, handy as I do not have either.

Ah but no one told the traffic that a celebrity was on the way, and being good I had checked on traffic conditions first, maybe I needed a police escort as I had to filter for miles and miles to reach the venue, to eventually see some very relieved faces as I arrived somewhat later than expected, and certainly later than what is called fashionable. But as has been noted a Bosun always makes his show.

It may have been one of the smaller shows I have attended this year, but it was not lacking in quality due to a decent turn out by the local chopper club. A relaxed feel in a nice pub a few stalls in the garden and BBQ so no need to eat creepy crawlies as a challenge either. Obviously in a good mood I was soon relieved of money for the raffle as well.

But back to the bike show and along with two other judges we cogitated, compared and discussed the relevant winners and were pretty relaxed about most of the winners and never came to blows, I used my usual “which bike of each category would I ride home” though. The winners were : James (NCC) best in show; Mick (v-max trike) best paint; Bob (NCC) Best cruiser; Marlon (BMW) Best street; Isaak (black betty) best rat. For me I would have happily ridden the BMW home it looked fun.

Prizes handed out by celebrity judge, coughs, shuffles feet and looks innocent, it was raffle time, and I was pleasantly surprised to win a couple of prizes. A big thank you goes to J.S Gedges, B&M, Bolt Bikes, 1066 Motorcycle training centre and the Custom Cafe for the prizes.

A good trip out, a decent amount raised for a worthy cause and I found a different way home.