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Article in issue 467 of Back Street Heroes

Now over the years there have been some great pairings, Ham and Cheese, Laurel and Hardy, Harley and Davidson, and now it seems you can add Thames Vale Vultures and Pinewood Café. Both have already proved themselves in events for motorcyclists, with the annual TVV Egg Run at Easter and their other charity work, and the weekly bike night at Pinewood.

So, it seemed logical that it would be a great venue for a custom bike show. The pinewood centre just off the excellently named 9 mile ride road,  was many moons ago a hospital where Tuberculosis sufferers went to rehabilitate as it was believed the pine forest was good for the lungs. While the hospital no longer stands there is a large car park around the various buildings, some which were old Nissan huts for hospital staff, used for the scouts, gym, miniature railway, parish council etc. The one which made me smile was the one used just for tug of war. This car park was just chock a block with bikes, happy days.

The weather gods also thought this a good day for bikes with a day of glorious sunshine. This also brought a lot of bikes out early for the event. With some confusion on social media over start time, the flier did say 1.30 in small print, by the time I arrived at 2 the place was rammed, and they were giving last calls for voting of best in show. With all the other activities on site it was a good mix of those on bikes and joe public making it a happy vibe. On the plus side as many started earlier the queues for food had subsided (the only slight grumble I heard) .

The quality of machinery was amazing, with too many I would happily have ridden home, (my way of choosing best in show) there seemed to be a flurry of older jap 4s which all oozed attitude. The biggest attitude though was the drag bike (which randomly won best rat) it was awesome and sounded ace. I adored the small blue triumph with gold leaf and that would have been mine, it won one of the paint prizes. Others awards went to the Rewarco trike, yellow Harley and achingly pretty carbon Suzuki streetfighter.

The bike park as ever had several possible contenders, including randomly two Aprilla 65 (when did you last see one )another BMW café racer, but that’s always cool, as bikes are made for you to ride, not everyone wants to show. As it was also the same day as the distinguished gentleman’s ride there were also some dapper folk around.

Chatting with the TVV guys and gals they had had a blast, and have to say it was very well run, there are already thoughts of another, watch this space.