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Easter Sunday and I realised that it had been 8 years since I had last visited the Reading MAG Easter Bike show. So a quick look at a map and I was off. Now most of you will know who follow my adventures I have a problem with Berkshire and so it was that I got lost its just good that I factor in the Bosun doubling back time into my journey times. Luckily the usual trick of those look like they are off to a bike show I shall follow them worked.

Last time I went I was meeting Blue and Yoda but Yoda was just heading home having driven miles and forgotten his wheelchair. This time I was flying solo which made for more cake for me from the stall. It may have been 8 years but immediately I met lots of friends I haven't seen for nearly as long, and that is one of the best things about the biking community time just dissapears when you meet again.

there seemed less bikes than I recalled but the poor weather the week up to the show may have been something to do with that. but there was a great mix of styles and classics around. from only a few shows in this year it does seem as though this year is going to be interesting as there seems to be a change in custom styles coming along.  A few Brat style with very loud turbos, more smaller bikes, lots of trikes, some drag style bikes and anything inbetween. Bike of the day for me though was the red  Yam XJ which was begging to be ridden. Although the triumph Bonneville with bottle opener chain guard could happily keep it company.

Winners I think were the green kawasaki Z1000 the Kwak 200 recently seen in 100%  and the  laverda 750  but they were awarded as I headed home for a easter egg hunt.

A relaxed and friendly atmosphere made for a great day out, i really must not leave it so long before I visit again.