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Article in issue 215 of 100% Biker  



After a week in Dorset, during the school holidays there is only one thing to do when returning home, well ok on the next morning, jump on the bike and head back down past where you have been to Devon for the Redmax speed shop grand opening weekend.

Over the last few years Redmax have steadily made a name for themselves creating the coolest flat track bikes, cafe racers and some great fun street bikes.

They are proud supporters of the dirt track racing association and seen to be able to turn their hands to converting any sort bike to something that's fun going sideways on the dirt or cool from bar to bar

After riding down  some of the country's most glorious roads, I was welcomed by smiles and some superb bikes with some very usable bikes outside. The little Kawasaki with a hard tail BSA frame was drawing plenty of interest  and then inside was a plethora of wonders. Not only in the bikes that have been built including some of their earlier creations, but in the collection of bikes awaiting to be new bikes or donate major organs to new projects.

It has to be said it is an Aladdin's cave and also a very happy place, as everyone received a smile and warm welcome add food, sunshine, a new retro shop and cool tunes there cannot be a better way to spend a day.