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Various Boxhill Photos 2014





Wow what a year 2014 has been


As 2014 draws to a close and I look forward to time with the family over Christmas a time to reflect on 2014.


Now I do not as such make New Year’s resolutions but this January I made a promise to spend more time out on the bike, and yes I kept that. But then even with a very damp start to the year and a horrid cold August it’s been a great year to be out and about on the bike or at other motoring events.


I have no idea what the mileage for the year has been with changing bikes and the occasional breakdown on the Harley but I have managed 70 separate reports or events and that’s not accounting those days I have just gone for a general ride around.


So that’s not bad I suppose it averages out at 6 reports per month so it is no wonder I feel as though I need a few months recovery as winter starts but then have just looked at my diary it’s not going to happen.


I would not be able to pick a highlight from the events I have attended as each has their own merits and ambiance. But some of those I have really enjoyed are:


· Musos on Bikes, now a firm favourite in the calendar for a relaxed Saturday

· Bumbiters party, a rock and roll fuelled afternoon and nice folk too

· Goodwood Festival of speed and Revival

· Hippsville very different and very relaxed

· Foundry motorcycles ride in day

· Nordic Brotherhood even though it had an added hill!

· Huntsman show, what a great new venue

· V8 mentalists summer show, what a great new venue

· Kickback

· Custombike Magazine show just an amazing event



And my best surprise find of the year

Weymouth Bike night what a glorious way to spend a summers evening on a few days away



Favourite bikes (which are not mine)


· Tristar 750 a great bit of engineering but the Triumph and Sunbeam that came along were fab too.

· The KMX200 chop which was at 2 wheel mikklos and looked like a vintage.

· Ariel Ace great engineering not really my style but really clever.

And of course biggest surprise of the year all round was selling the Harley and getting the Bonneville but I am out having fun.


As 2015 looms and already the event fliers are coming in, what are my plans?, well apart from a few regular favourites and maybe revisiting some I haven’t been too in years  I am now looking for at least three new events to attend Twisted Iron will be one but I wonder what else.


Please feel free to send me ideas and event



Here’s wishing all of you a very happy Christmas and all the best for 2015



Favorite photos below... More soon  Im Still collating them