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Well, I knew I was saying to myself I would have a bit of a rest this year after a few manic years, but soon realised in this unusual year, I couldn’t cope with a rest. So as ever I have made the most of what opportunities arose. And while I haven’t managed to attend as many events as usual, I have still had a great year, and covered around 5000 miles.

Starting as ever with New Years Day ride, hunting classics and eventually finding them close to home. But always the best way to start a year.

With the start of the year being wetter than an others pocket, I was glad when Brooklands put on an evening with Carl Fogarty who had some great tales, and the Vintage Section invited Simon Millward along for a chat, another brilliant evening and he makes engineering sound so simple.

With the rain seemingly never ending it was off to the West Country and the Bristol and West Show at the Shepton Mallet Show ground, somewhere I have not been too since the old bike shows of the 80’s. a good day out and still met some friends, though has to be said has the most confusing hall layout of anywhere.

And finally, just before lockdown started which stopped play there was a very wet pet food run but it was good to do something with folk before lurgy stopped play.

After that it seemed an eternity before we could ride for fun , where I was so glad we live in a village with stuff going on, we had the chance to learn more of where we live. More shocking was the fact I spent the time cleaning my bike so by the time we were let out properly she did sparkle. (she doesn’t now) and the sun carried on shining.

With masses of guidance on what we could or couldn’t do, rules of six etc its one of those times, I am glad I am just as happy to ride solo hence finding more windmills.

As not everywhere was open though it made those bike nights or events which were very busy, but it was a great excuse to ride further hence this found me at Broad lakes social club near Hatfield for the Curiosity motors bike night a few times, and I look forward to 2021 and their new venue.

The Hayling island bike night was fabulous and a relaxed vibe and the Alton bike nights brought an eclectic selection of bikes and I can see me at all of these more next year  

It was good finding new places and revisit some places not seen for a while such as the Oakdene café (I had forgot how bad pot holes were) Sheppey lazy Saturday also had some bad potholes, but a great bridge to get to it.

Pinewood bike night was good, but once there had a real feeling of dejavu and realised I had been before but that’s good.

It was nice to see people and events adapting too such as the Little Big Knock for diesel bike fans, which has always been more of a friends camping weekend, found a new venue and continued. I heard of several clubs also having quieter club weekends, and in a way that’s a good thing, while not a big all singing dancing event it means you get to know your friends even more.

The biggest event that went ahead this year was the Malle Mile as ever mad yet friendly event. Not quite the same but well done all for something ace and making it feel very safe.

We shall draw a veil over the parking ticket at the Redhill cruise, but that’s certainly one I would love to do again.

One glorious weekend I managed a lovely ride around the new forest finding the Bosuns Chair pub, and a good time at the Sammy Miller Museum for their Japanese day.

A shining star amongst all events was the Sussex AMOC Show which still went ahead, it was so good to see so many friends haven’t seen in ages and smiles all around.

Julie and her team at ELK promotions were the first to run autojumbles again, and did so very successfully and felt safe too managing to get two in at the end of the season.

Now social media whether you like it or not has its perks sometimes, as there was a chines whisper of a meet at the Railway at Wateringbury. As the home to Kent NCC I thought would chance a ride and was pleasantly surprised at the turn out with some ace bikes. I found a few car meets that way too.

I then managed a much-needed holiday in Northumberland, while not on the bike, It’s a fabulous biking area I can see and folk so friendly, we hope to return soon,

Sadly, though most events at end of year were cancelled, and I was down to just riding to local meets etc, but as the rain has returned big time I don’t mind so much. And now further restrictions stop most play.

I have been thankful that the day job has continued and although working from home is not something I have enjoyed it has still allowed me to have funds, and I know we are luckier than some.

So while it could have been better we have got through and made the most of what we can, thanks to the ingenuity of adapting.

I’m already looking forward to 2021and there are some positive signs of a busy year ahead, I am hoping on a European trip as well. I will as ever try and keep my lists as up to date as possible.

Thanks to all those who send ideas and those that follow one way or another it means a lot.