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As we reach the end of another unusual year and with no major events left, it is time to look back on the year

Well considering we really couldn’t play until April it’s not been a bad year, somehow, and no idea how really, I have still squeezed in nearly 90 reports on the website and more than 5000 miles on the bike, all without any overnight stays.

Yes, sadly the international lurgy at start of year meant some changes to any plans local or nationally, and my plan for a Czech trip didn’t come off either, but there’s always another year. I think that being flexible in hunting events, not just bikes, and loving just riding has really helped in my having fun this year.

The weather in the main has been good for us in the south and the couple of weeks of deluge I seem to have avoided by doing other stuff, working from home or just picked the right moments to go out. Sadly the weather did affect my Halloween show, but was still nice for those that turned up.

I even managed some minor fettling on Doris with a full oil change, new plugs, battery and tyres and enjoying riding her more than ever. Possible future plans may include a solo seat (if found at right price) and there’s always room for more stickers.

It’s been great to find some new events as well, so thanks to all who took time to put them on in these uncertain times. I also found a new-found love for a couple of local routes and cafes. Torque Moto Café although very close to home has fab coffee, as also have some farm shops. Also finding some of the new breweries as I try to support local businesses. Lots of ice-creams and getting to know more clubs has also been great.

I may have missed one or two events due to an over packed schedule, as everything was condensed into a couple of months, but that gives more ideas for next year. And after an escape bid by one of my cameras, I’m hunting for a new lens at least.

So, what have I thought are some of the highlights?

Catching up with Yoda and friends at Kickback, some amazing bikes there as well  

13 Country Fair was epic with some cool old school chops

Sussex NCC Show Chopper club events always great

Hayling Island Bike Nights just seem to be more popular  

Alton station Café Bike Nights always a friendly atmosphere and good mix

Eastbourne Bike Night my first time, but wont be my last

Show us your ride wow that was packed

Redhill Cruise was fab,

P and D Custom show was hot hot hot

Savages MC Hotrod and Custom Show always a good show

Bosuns Halloween show damp but fun

Minotaur’s Brotherhood Anniversary party bonfires and fireworks great fun

Henry Cole and Steve Parrish at Brooklands

Motorcycle Live with Yoda

Golden Lions Toy Run

And there were many more, and some of my favourite photos will be in this album.

A massive thankyou to all who send ideas of meets and events please keep them coming.

A big thank you to all of you who like my photos and updates, so roll on 2022 who knows where I shall head too but I’m sure more adventures await, looking forward to return of Brightona, and a show in a jail sounds interesting,   please keep sending the ideas as that’s always useful (tickets for events always welcome 😉)

Stay safe all and see you out and about


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