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It’s always good when people try out new things, and so I was really looking forward to my visit to the new Revolution Motorcycle Show in Hastings. Billed as a celebration of Artisan Motorcycles, so it was old, new and home builds with a smattering of art, cinema and food.

It was housed over 3 levels in the old observer building in the heart of Hastings, which for a year is holding a series of pop up art and cinema exhibitions.  A very warm welcome from the team and organisers who even early in the morning of the third day were enthusiastically raving about the event, and Jake was keen to show me around. Passing by Foundry Motorcycles cool truck and triumph I started to realise this would be a bit quirky, as there were random bits everywhere, and the building had the look of almost just deserted and reclaimed.

Passionate about home built bikes and not just pro builds there was an eclectic mix, with some vintage bikes, loved the pierce, some bikes which looked vintage which weren’t such as the Fulkham hall Enfield.

Lots of art was also on display too including the fabulous pen work of Martin Squires who was busy sketching a flat track Indian and had his cool 360 drawing of a garage. Ian Soley from Seven Ages Motorcycles had a few of his bikes there including Something Wicked which was a pleasant surprise as I haven’t seen it in ages.

A cinema out the back was continually showing various bike related films, it was nice to sit for a while and dream of sunny days which most films seemed to have.  

Finding my way up to the top floor, I had to be shown how to,  there was sailor jack rum (cursing was riding)  the art of Merry Michau, Paul Hitchens cool Brooklands photograph project, Albie Espiniolas huge wall paintings and bike wise the rather nice Norton and BSA racer,the nKingdom of Kicks Triumph but wow the Maserati engined bike, was just stunning in its simplicity, no paint needed the engineering showed itself well.

With loads of space to study the art and machines and chat it was a very, very relaxed show. I have heard only good things by friends who also visited.

Its great that people are still taking the bold step to put on such events, so thanks to Jake and crew for all the hard work.