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The Ring of Red remembrance ride is an ambitious project to create a complete circle of red, representing a poppy on both anticlockwise on the M60 and clockwise on the M25. Now in its third year success is getting closer and closer.

I am sure many of you will have noticed the increase of awareness of support for armed forces by the general public and especially by the motorcycling fraternity. Possibly because of the amount of bikers that are ex forces (and despite my moniker I have never been in the forces) and the way in which there is a understanding between the two in the way we battle the elements.

The biggest logistical challenge is the M25 being 118 miles in length while the M60 is a mere pup at 36 miles. Of course if we were really pedantic we would say the M25 is not really a true ring, as the Dartford crossing is technically an A road.  We all know that the road has a bad reputation and is known locally as the biggest car park in the world, and however hard I try I still seem to find the wrong time to navigate it.

Remembrance Sunday this year dawned grey and damp after a particularly unpleasant few days building up to the even. Having doused myself with cold and flu remedy I attended our local town service and then donning waterproofs I went to meet up at Cobham services. There were meets at various other services around or near to the M25 also. All the way there I was meeting up with more and more riders wearing red t shirts or decorating their bikes with red and flags it was a cool feeling.

A whole area was set aside in the services for us and it was filling up fast. I was impressed as the weather really hadn’t been conducive for motorway riding. Here you could also but support flags and t shirts with monies going to various charities I am not sure it was quite the amount that had been hoped for but when riding out to the motorway it took almost 10 minutes to depart the services.

With riders having the choice of joining at any location, and leaving when they wish the plan was to make a full ring by 1.30 sadly this was not quite achieved but it was an impressive sight I watched it was obvious many owners clubs had also made this as a planned ride.   

Donations from the event will go to charities including UK Homes for Heroes, Armed Forces Bikers, Walking with the Wounded and Hounds for Heroes

Details of the work of the ride of respect can be found online and through many social media outlets.

Let’s hope that 2016 sees their dreams fulfilled


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Cobham Services

Leaving cobham services

On the M25