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RSPCA Pet Food Run

As seen in issue 221 of 100% Biker



We are on the whole, in this glorious country of ours, a nation of animal lovers. Me well I am allergic to most furry animals and not fond of reptiles, so when the good lady suggested we have pets, I said no and so we compromised initially on 10 rats, 4 cats and several bearded dragons now after a few years downsizing homes and many antihistamines later to 3 cats.

And however rufty and tufty bikers may seem in public I know that most have some pets which are doted on. However some pets are not so lucky to have bikers caring for them and they end up being cared for by one of the many charities which look after unwanted and unloved pets.

So on a windy and damp morning in February lots of local bike clubs, and many classic bikes met up in the picturesque village of Bramber to take pet food, donations and pet based paraphernalia to a RSPCA centre in Brighton.

The route mainly on narrow country roads took us through many quaint villages which in summer would be lovely, but after the recent storm Doris were challenging in places with farm muck and debris washed across the road and as we went across the top of the devils dyke nearly blown sideways.

At the RSPCA centre  we were met by some of the local team who took our bounty, donations and thanks while providing tea for those who needed warming. Thankfully for me we were outside of visiting times, so I was saved from my good lady giving me her best gooey eyed plaintifs of “aww can we pleaaaase”  at every stray cat or dog going, though not sure the RSPCA would approve of a pannier as a cat carrier.

A good morning out and a good cause