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This year MAG celebrates 40 years and seems to be going from strength to strength with new groups rising up all over the place. Salisbury MAG though have been around for a long time now and this is their 12th bike show.

Held at the livestock market it really is a cracking venue, and the first really good riding day brought lots of bikes out on the road. it was even warm in places, or else there were a lot of hardy folk who were queuing for ice creams. I have to say it was great to be back out on the road for a decent ride again.

some thought it was a little down on stands from previous years, but I have to say I was impressed. with lots of very interesting bikes, meeting friends I haven't seen in ages there we did the usual discussed events we are due to go too in the year, and which bikes we liked.

the one thing we do seem to have the knack of is choosing the ultimate winners, from the best paint on the Taliban hunter Harley, to the best engineering Hardy Dangerous , Best bike the cammo twin tank bike amongst others.

It seemed that this was certainly one of the first do's of the year for folk to catch up with each other and lots and lots of clubs had arrived. other bikes i really liked were the little 125 cafe racer and a Kawasaki 1100 street bike.

Placed in a windy area and shady an American style rock covers band tried their best against the still cool wind but as gossip seemed the way to go, I didn't listen to many sorry too busy saying hello.

Behind the main fields were some huge halls, where the mystery tour to the toilets were, but strangely enough a pigeon fanciers fair was also taking place, well that's a first for any show I have been too.

It was nice to see all  winning bikes rolled up in one area for the prize giving and a nice prompt cash raffle and prize giving  then took place. There was even a case of beer for the crank throwing competition.

it was obvious the event would carry on for some time that afternoon but was time to wend my way home, and wending i certainly did by a very strange route.

a cracking show and a great welcome, thanks folks, and here's to many more MAG years


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As seen in BSH July 2013 issue 351