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As seen in 100% Biker 236

Things to do in Salisbury on a late spring day:

Gaze upon the tallest cathedral spire in the UK, that took moments could see from carpark

Match the view of the cathedral to a bank note, if only I had any notes

Look at a copy of the Magna Carta, err no 100% biker is my preferred reading

Avoid anything which may be a nerve agent, note to self keep gloves on and don’t venture near shops

Look at motorised bicycles and tricycle, that’s more like it

It’s been a few years since I have headed down to Salisbury and so I was looking forward to seeing what interesting machinery I could find. With Salisbury Council putting the stoppers on the traditional spring show, in true bike style, Sarum bikers decided the show must go on and quickly arranged the event where they normally have their summer show, a rather splendid site just outside Salisbury at Laverstock.

 Now as we all know spring has had some issues with starting this year, and it was typical that after a previous sunny week it was back to full on winter riding apparel, and it has to be said, I was cold which is unusual but it was an evil wind. I had also forgotten quite how far away Salisbury is from home but there was a very warm welcome from the Sarum Bikers.

Well by warm it seemed most of the club had decided they were on BBQ duty where there was a steady queue of bikers taking the chance to be toasted. Leaving those hardy souls on the gate huddling around cups of tea and doing the classic I will get warm hop dance.

Entrance was a couple of quid by donation with funds to charity and also at the entrance was a very brave and hopeful ice cream van who I think made one sale all the time I was there,

There was still a good amount of bikes in the bike park, and lots and lots of local clubs turned out to attend. The bike park had show bikes at top end and others further down, though this seemed a little hap hazard as the show bikes were coming and going. I have to say I loved the Indian Larry inspired GPZ500, which is due to be in this esteemed magazine soon. I was surprised during a nice chat with the owner found that this bike was built very much on a budget but looked ace. It’s also a little err temperamental and no idea how but is started by using a ball point pen, unique surely.

I rather liked the s and s café racer but I know my back wouldn’t and a pretty black t140looked fun, There were a reasonable amount of stalls for those who wished to shop, and there was due to be music, but sadly I left before this and any prize giving as the skies started to look grim and I decided to run away chicken maybe but I made it back before the downpour which followed behind me for the last 60 miles.

A huge well done to the Sarum bikers for creating an event that  shows to Salisbury Council what they missed by cancelling the regular meet.