This Sceptred Isle


A few shots of Britain's unusual places as I travel around and of course the scenery we all love

I find the prehistoric sites fascinating, not in any religious way, but for the very reason they are still there thousands of years on

lots more to come soon

(some are with previous bikes)

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Stonehenge   .  Long man of Wilmington . Mary Cross Dartmoor  


cerne abbas.jpg (88152 bytes)    forvant.jpg (87222 bytes)    famous schooner.jpg (78959 bytes)

Cerne Abbas Giant .  Forvant Badges.  Famous Schooner (Haunted pub Alnmouth)

mickleham priory.jpg (65807 bytes)  pyrford new stones.jpg (74272 bytes)  pyrford old stone.jpg (114004 bytes)

Newark priory   Pyrford new stones and old stone

silbury hill.jpg (118877 bytes) windsor.jpg (69490 bytes)

Silbury Hill   windsor castle 

and despite the look no flash was used

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somewhere near Avebury and Avebury Stones

glast 7.jpg (311634 bytes) men a tol 3.jpg (284795 bytes) roche.jpg (284245 bytes)

Glastonbury tor.   men a tol Cornwall Roche

lands end.jpg (216827 bytes) john_o_groats.jpg (87386 bytes)

Lands end  John o Groats

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The Rollrights Stones

cenataph.jpg (190662 bytes) humber bridge.jpg (108581 bytes) whalebone.jpg (84360 bytes)

cenotaph London       Humber bridge       Whitby

hc.jpg (60639 bytes) P6020006.jpg (34304 bytes) f171.jpg (71279 bytes) f173.jpg (103745 bytes)

Hampton court      Arundel    Dorking   Friday street hammer pond    

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Devon. Budleigh Salterton, Topsham, Statue of Raliegh, Brixham

P1030322.jpg (131364 bytes)

Birling Gap