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A fantastic day out in kent with the Medusa MC

As seen in issue 453 of Back Street Heroes

As I was getting organised for this year’s Show us your Rides event run by Medusa MC, following several requests from the girls, and their threat of putting worms through letter boxes if none of us turned up. I realised I have been attending the show in one form or other, as its evolved, for 13 years now, and indeed that was one of my fist reports for Back Street Heroes.  It always has been a highlight of the calendar, and this year it seemed to have gone up a level in many ways..

It was immediately obvious on arrival how much work the girls had put to stage this event. From finding a new venue, a pub on a main junction which was also easy to find. Arranging the site, organising parking in a tight car park and all with huge smiles. I was waved in and relived of cash for a yellow band and directed to park in an already overflowing field.

They also seem to have had a word with the weathermen too as despite threat of thunderstorms there was only one heavy shower, where every pub brolly became a sanctuary, but thankfully was over in seconds.

Other first impressions were just how many clubs had arrived, and not just those local ones as the Medusa’s are so well known they had come from all points south and even from Wales. From the smiles and camaraderie, the party was definitely in full swing.

There was a definite buzz too with talk of events coming up, and good times ahead while a live music played.  Then the usual mull around an interesting selection of bikes, I was so glad that I wasn’t asked to judge.

There were two definite queues and the lure of tea and cake, was almost as much for the beer line. There was a hog roast and pizza if cake isn’t your thing and the only small grumble I heard from a couple, was the pub didn’t do burgers, I was happy with cake. The only thing being the cake stall was a little too close to the reptile rescue tent with the huge snakes, I’m not a fam of snakes.

One quick raffle later, while bike judging took place and the10 winners were chosen, each having a rosette to inform of winning, and with a bit of juggling of crowds they were lined up for trophies. And a lot of juggling for the best engineering V12 Trike which only just squeezed through the gate.

Other awards included best male bike a BMW 9 with cool paint, best girls bike a pretty pre unit triumph chop. Best under 250cc a Suzuki marauder ridden from Wiltshire, best jap a smart Z1, best rat a Wildstar, best chop a sportster chop which had taken a scenic 100-mile route to get there. Streetfighter to a bandit and brit to a pretty triumph 750.The best in show went to a 1923 BSA V twin which is regularly used.

There was also a public vote for the best club bike, and once again Strog won, I’m sure that’s the 4th time, but all seemed happy with that. Bike of the day for me was the industrial look Wildstar with studded mudguards it was just a bit different, but left before judging

As most of you know by now, my trips out, are never totally without adventure and this was no exception and my journey home was rounded off by almost running off of fuel on the motorway, and then helmet visor breaking in a downpour meaning making the one handed visor hold. But its these which make adventures fun, great times roll on SUYR 2022.