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As seen in issue 210 of 100% Biker

Man has been utilising the power of animals for many years

From horses to drag ploughs, elephants to move trees, camels and Horses for transport and pigs to snuffle for truffles to name a few.

Then there are dogs, which with multiple skills can be trained for many jobs, Security, helping blind people, sniffing out drugs and rescuing lost people.

And for deaf and hard of hearing people they can provide a lifeline too warning owners of things we who can hear take for granted they also give unspoken companionship.

Hearing loss as well is something many bikers understand too, yes big bore pipes can be cool and loud, but how many of us after a days run suffer that ringing in our ears for an hour or so, or even after being too close to a rally bands speaker. Now imagine that ringing or muted hearing permanently I would rather not.

Bikers however are also a caring lot and so on a sunny day in June in Hayes a charity event called Silent2Rumble was held to raise money for the hearing dogs charity.

It seemed only right that Horsepower could help canine power.

With several stands, and lots from West London Harley Riders who includes Max who himself is partially deaf it was a fabulous turnout for a quietly publicised event.

I was also pleased to catch up with my friends Laura and Paul who I haven’t seen in years, who were also lucky in the raffle.

There were some unusual winners in the bike show too with a nearly new Harley getting best classic, despite some cool brit bikes and each won a certificate as a prize.

This did worry the winner of the best jap who had only tight leathers and no carrying capacity I have no idea how that got home.   

A perfectly chilled out afternoon, and I believe a decent amount raised for the event

Well done all more infor on the charity can be found here