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As seen in issue 197 of 100% Biker


Now most of you know that I often judge the quality of a bike show by the food and especially cake available for purveyance at their events.


So as I headed to the Southampton MAG bike show I hoped that there was a possibility that food of the gods was available. A delicacy so lush that just the thought of it can make you salivate and there is a possibility that you may change your menu for tea tonight. A delicacy that Sotonians, as residents of this fair city, are called helped create.


Pray tell I hear you cry what is this delicacy? A fish finger sandwich is the answer. For Clarence Birdseye tested herring sticks and cod sticks on shoppers in both Southampton and South Wales. The Southampton customers loved the cod sticks, which then became known as fish fingers and were sold nationwide. Now there is a fact for you.


So what’s all this interest in Southampton, On a gloriously sunny day ,a scenic trip through the leafy roads of Hampshire via a windmill to the Southampton MAG Bike show maybe thats why the 60 mile journey took 91 miles .


The four Horseshoes is tucked away down the end of a dead end road, and with so many bikes turning up it was quite a walk down to the pub and the

Members of Southampton MAG were doing a fantastic job of finding spaces for bikes, and identifying those that should go down to the show held in the car park and big field opposite the pub.


It was a very transient sort of day though as the sun urged folk to ride and make the most of the good weather how the hosts judged it I have no idea.


Musically Southampton is the birthplace of Benny Hill who actually was a milk man in the city. This prompted his hit song “Ernie the fastest milkman in the west” which for those 100% readers of old, will know became something of a rally anthem at anywhere we met up. in the warm afternoon sun the DJ played some nice relaxing tunes as we watched the foolhardy try the bucking bull of sumo suits.


Bike wise I loved the XV cafe racer a complete contrast to the original cruiser style. And it was so slim. A Bonnie racer, and a panther with a cool beer barrel trailer also were rather cool.


The sun though urged me on to another event and as I headed home, with Benny Hill tunes stuck in my head, my thoughts turned to thoughts of  cut fresh break, a layer of breaded fish and a dollop of brown sauce, guess what I had for tea yep your right a cheeky kebab.

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