two year report



March 2007

Milly’s second year report 15000 miles down the road


Yes believe it or not I have just about owned Milly for two years now, well by saying “owned” I am not sure that’s the correct words, maybe I mean seduced and enchanted to such a point that I should say Milly owns me as much as I do her.

The 88ci (1450cc) engine is a big old lazy beast in standard trim, and that suits my riding down to a tee. Only items I have seen on other bikes and liked end up on her, or off in the case of removing the heel shifter, I have never got on with heel shifting.

With Cruise control, and Fuel injection as standard she always fires up easy, and never misses a beat come rain (and there has been a lot of rain, or shine. And although the standard pipes are very quiet she still sounds like a Harley and even on the longest days there is no ringing in my ears like other exhausts.

For example the seat after a ride back down from Manchester was just too uncomfortable, eventually I blagged a sit on another Roadking with a comfort stitch seat and that was me sorted, nicely shaped and with a slight backrest.

In the two years I have been to John o Groats (mostly 2 up) and down to Lands End  (solo mostly in the rain) in total comfort, given the choice of a long drive in my car, or using the bike the bike normally wins. Day trips of 350+ miles seem the norm now. An average of 55mpg is pleasing as well, though the tank could be larger, the tank is just over 3 gallons, though usually a coffee break (human fuel) is needed by then.

It doesn’t matter how much you load her up she still rides the same, the panniers are waterproof and hold a reasonable amount of stuff.

Services seem to come up very fast at 5,000 miles, but this is compatible with most Japanese cruisers, and the servicing is similar priced. However the same cannot be said of spares, and sourcing via the Net and ordering from the states is a good idea.

One down point at 11,000 miles she needed new wheels as the chrome had peeled off, though these were exchanged on warranty. I managed a respectable 15,000 miles on the standard tyres as well.


Good points: the big lazy engine, sure handling, luggage capability
Bad points: the original seat, Harley Chrome

Am I happy I brought it, you bet, she is ridden most of the year (apart from snow and ice) and brings a smile to my face whenever I am on her. I am averaging a thousand miles a month on her and can see keeping her for years