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Well these are strange days indeed.

After what seemed the longest and wettest ever winter with little riding without being drowned.

With my diary filling up fast there was a great feel of a fabulous season ahead when sadly we heard of the loss of one of our favourite magazines. This left me and Yoda (aka the dynamic duo) feeling flat but with a problem to meet soon.

Hoorah March and there was eventually the promise of pleasant weather, at last I managed a trip out without full waterproofs and even got the urge to wash the bike and remove the winters muck, and with the traditional start of the season pioneer run coming up all was good.

Then came the news that there was something nasty in the air and worldwide we were getting in a bit of a panic. The government eventually closing down all gatherings and locking us down so Doris went into the garage and there she sits.

We now don’t know when we can get out and play again, and this is a bit strange. Only a couple of times before have I not been able to ride and these were for medical reasons with set times.

But now we don’t know when and with so many events now cancelling this is a strange feeling. However, many events are rescheduling and I am updating details on my events page as often as I can.

I hope that by following the guidelines we will all get through this and although later than we hoped there will be meetings and events to go to.

I look forward to seeing you all out and about soon and hope you all keep safe, and well.