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Talmag 2017


As seen issue 219 of 100% Biker

The Talmag Trophy Trial organised by the Territorial Army mcc  for pre 65 trials bikes has always been was one of those mythical events that unless you were in the know you usually heard about after the event, and I always wondered what the buzz was all about.

A few years back I had a whisper off a mate, who had heard from a friend of a friend when the event was on, and so I went feeling all adventurous and secret squirrel like and since then it has been a regular start of season petrol head fix for the dark dreary days of January. Now aided by the internet where the date can be found, and big large signs pointing the way.

So what has this to do with custom bikes, well although 100% biker is based around custom bike scene and the biker lifestyle, this scene has its roots a long way back.

Back in the 50’s and 60’s when often bikes were used for many different sports and also as a regular daily ride the owners had to be very adaptable, carrying wheels, changings bars etc for whichever event. Hence many of these pre 65 bikes are road legal too and have some great touches many which would look ace on any build. There’s also the fantastic bodges just to keep things going.

I suppose as well this challenge to create multi use vehicles must have started off many small workshops just for spares and hence customising.

Some machines are however almost pure customs including a fabulous 500cc Vincent, which sadly when I saw it was “resting” needing some fettling by its owner. A lovely  Douglas and even a Ducati but the main tools are big British singles, and the woods resound to the deep thud thud thud of the paint pot sized pistons lazily  turning around in big iron and steel engines.

But what makes this so special is also the camaraderie of the riders, some who are right characters and some of advancing years as they walk the stages to see the lie of the land, trading insults and jeers and encouragement to all. It really shows that biker spirit lives as long as you can get your leg over an bike.

My favourite of the day was a quirky BSA which the owner has had for years, he confessed was far to uncompetitive for this event, had odd bits and pieces added just for decoration such as a turbo sign, and he had a huge grin and that’s what biking is all about.

 And for those that wonder why pre 65 as after this date the two stokes started to take over this was shown as a couple of marshals had early two stroke bikes which easily sped round the course that many of the other riders wobbled and worried about .This year as a project I decided to embrace the era and photograph the event as a mono project I hope you enjoy.



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